• All renter pilots are required to have completed a rental checkout or BFR with one of our instructors within the previous 24 months (a separate checkout is required for each model: Sport or Sundowner).


• The rental checkout will include a minimum of: one hour of flight with steep turns, slow flight, stalls, and 3 takeoffs and landings. Pilots will be required to demonstrate a skill level that is equal to or exceeds the Practical Test Standards for the level of certificate that they hold.


• In addition to the above requirements, renter pilots must have rented the make and model of airplane from Maine Instrument Flight within the previous 90 days. If more than 90 days have lapsed since the renter pilot’s last rental from Maine Instrument Flight, the renter pilot must fly with a MIF instructor and demonstrate a minimum of 3 good landings in the make and model of airplane.


• Student pilots flying solo must have flown a MIF airplane within the previous 3 weeks. All solo flights are to be approved by the student’s primary instructor.


• MIF’s Sierra, Bonanza, Seneca, and Barons are available for dual instruction only. These aircraft are not available for solo rental.


Note: A pilot that has both 24 month and 90 day currency outlined above in the Sundowner will be considered current in the Sport if the pilot had previously been checked out in the Sport.



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